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We're dedicated to providing not-for-profit organisations with direct access to the latest AI knowledge and tools. Leverage tailored AI insights to address real-world challenges, optimise operations, reduce costs, and amplify your impact. 

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Seize this pivotal moment to elevate your mission. Harness the breakthrough power of AI and automation that's been long coveted by nonprofits, now accessible and affordable. It's time to be bold, be visionary, and lead the charge into a future where your organisation isn't just running the race but setting the pace.

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It's not just about keeping up—it's about setting new benchmarks. Be the maverick that turns visionary experiments into everyday tools, propelling your nonprofit to the forefront of change.

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Join forces in a movement where collective wisdom ignites individual breakthroughs. In our vibrant ecosystem, every player is both teacher and student, co-creating the roadmap to revolutionary impact. 

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We're not just handing you technology; we're equipping you with the mastery to wield it. Empower your mission with the knowledge to navigate the new digital dawn. Amplify your cause, champion your purpose.

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From deep-dive group calls to a dedicated Slack community, every aspect of NFPs.AI is crafted for your growth and empowerment.

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    Your voice matters in our private community, where leaders and dreamers converge to forge the future together.

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    Step into efficiency like never before with AI tools that simplify complexity, liberating your team to pursue the work that matters.

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    Elevate your strategy in real-time, drawing from collective wisdom in our dynamic group calls that turn ideas into action.

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    Unlock the full spectrum of AI mastery with our curated resources—your new arsenal for impact.

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    Our one-on-one calls are the crucible where your unique challenges meet bespoke, actionable solutions.

    Innovate Continuously

    Stay ahead of the curve with ongoing access to the latest AI advancements, ensuring you are cutting-edge.

Free Resources

Accelerate your mission with our free guides, each a powerful key to unlocking AI's potential for your nonprofit. Embrace these resources and elevate your impact, efficiency, and innovation—at no cost.

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    Intro to AI eBook

    An essential guide for non-profits to harness AI for efficiency, innovation, and impactful change.

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    Strengthen your AI proficiency with guided tutorials tailored for not-for-profit organizations.

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    Prompt Library

    Explore a curated collection of 30 AI prompts designed to inspire innovation in the not-for-profit sector.

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    Explore our webinars that delve into prompting, AI applications, and strategies for not-for-profits.

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    AI Policy Template

    Access templates to develop comprehensive AI policies that align with not-for-profit objectives and values.

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    Read insightful articles that provide in-depth analysis of AI trends and their impact on not-for-profit operations.

  • Behind NFPs.AI

    Kyle Behrend, the founder of NFPs.AI, is a seasoned not-for-profit professional with over 13 years of diverse experience. A dedicated helper at heart, Kyle's mission is to empower NFPs by opening access to AI. His vision is to equip organisations with the knowledge and tools they need to maximise their impact. With NFPs.AI, he aims to foster a future where not-for-profits confidently harness AI technology to cut cost, save resources and increase impact.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Got questions about our services, AI, or how we can help your NFP thrive? You're in the right place. Our FAQ section is designed to provide comprehensive answers and clear up any confusion you might have.


    NFPs.AI is an innovative platform dedicated to empowering not-for-profit organisations by providing access to the latest AI knowledge and tools. We offer a weekly email subscription that features real-life AI use cases, the most relevant AI news, and exclusive access to a library of AI resources tailored to the unique needs of not-for-profits.

    AI can benefit not-for-profit organisations in numerous ways, including optimising operations, reducing costs, and magnifying their impact. AI technologies can automate repetitive tasks, analyse large volumes of data for strategic insights, and enhance donor engagement, to name just a few potential applications.

    No, you don’t need any prior technical knowledge to benefit from our service. Our aim is to make AI accessible and comprehensible to everyone. We present information in an easy-to-understand format, and provide practical examples of how AI can be applied in the not-for-profit sector.

    Yes, like any technology, AI should be used responsibly. This includes ensuring data privacy, avoiding bias in AI models, and using AI in ways that are transparent and accountable. We believe in ethical AI use and aim to educate not-for-profits on best practices to ensure that AI is used to benefit all stakeholders.