Discover our resources designed to help not-for-profit organizations take their first steps in AI integration. Join us for access to more tools, trainings, chatbots, and a community dedicated to leveraging AI for greater impact.

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    Intro to AI eBook

    An essential guide for non-profits to harness AI for efficiency, innovation, and impactful change.

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    Strengthen your AI proficiency with guided tutorials tailored for not-for-profit organizations.

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    Prompt Library

    Explore a curated collection of 30 AI prompts designed to inspire innovation in the not-for-profit sector.

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    Explore our webinars that delve into prompting, AI applications, and strategies for not-for-profits.

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    AI Policy Template

    Access templates to develop comprehensive AI policies that align with not-for-profit objectives and values.

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    Read insightful articles that provide in-depth analysis of AI trends and their impact on not-for-profit operations.