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Kyle Behrend is a seasoned not-for-profit professional with a passion for integrating technology to amplify impact.

After completing his Bachelor of Commerce in South Africa, he embarked on a international working holiday journey that eventually led him to Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia. He further enriched his academic grounding by earning a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from RMIT University, equipping him with an extensive knowledge base that underpins his professional endeavours.

Over his 13 years with Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, Kyle’s roles have spanned from on-the-ground animal care to Operations Manager. This broad experience has cultivated a unique skill set including effective communication, teaching, and problem-solving. His aptitude for organisational and interpersonal interaction has been fine-tuned throughout his multifaceted career, which has seen him manage social media, coordinate events, oversee finances, implement IT systems, and more.

A passionate helper at heart, Kyle’s dedication to empowering others to achieve their potential is the driving force behind his newest venture, NFPs.AI.

Inspired by the incredible opportunities that AI presents to the not-for-profit sector, Kyle is committed to opening access to AI for these organisations. His vision is to equip them with the tools and knowledge to overcome resource challenges, improve efficiency, and boost overall effectiveness.

Guided by a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth, Kyle’s ambition extends beyond his own professional development. Through NFPs.AI, he aims to foster a future where not-for-profits confidently embrace and harness AI technology to drive innovation and make a lasting impact on the communities they serve. Combining experience, dedication, and a keen understanding of the unique needs and challenges of not-for-profits, Kyle is a reliable partner in the journey towards AI mastery.