Automate Web Article Summaries with

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This tutorial will guide you through creating an automation that takes a URL dropped in a Slack channel, fetches the article data, summarizes it using OpenAI, and then posts the summary in a different Slack channel. This process is ideal for keeping your team informed without the hassle of manual summarization. Let’s set up this efficient knowledge-sharing tool!

Step 1: Set Up Slack to Trigger the Process Start by opening your account and creating a new scenario. Choose Slack as your first module and connect it to your organization’s Slack account. Set this module to trigger when a URL is posted in a specific Slack channel. This is the channel where team members will drop links to articles they find interesting or relevant.

Step 2: Fetch the Article Content Using HTTP Next, add an HTTP module to your scenario. This module will be responsible for fetching the content of the article. Configure it to retrieve the HTML content of the web page whose URL was posted in Slack. You might need to extract the URL from the Slack message and use it in the HTTP request.

Step 3: Summarize the Article with OpenAI Once you have the article content, it’s time to summarize it. Add an OpenAI module to your scenario. Connect this module to your OpenAI account and set it up to process the article content fetched by the HTTP module. Configure the OpenAI module to generate a summary of the article. You can specify the length and style of the summary according to your preference.

Step 4: Post the Summary to a Different Slack Channel To avoid a loop of automation, choose a different Slack channel for posting the summary. Add another Slack module to your scenario, connect it to the designated Slack channel, and configure it to post the summary generated by the OpenAI module. This channel will serve as the go-to place for quick, AI-generated summaries of shared articles.

Remember: This automation not only saves time but also encourages knowledge sharing and continuous learning within your team. Feel free to tweak and customize the modules to fit the specific needs of your organization. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of automated article summarization!

Kyle Behrend