Save Article Highlights Effortlessly with Post Selected

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Unlock the power of automation and revolutionize the way you save and reference important sections of articles with a simple yet transformative tool. Discover how a Chrome plugin, can automate the tedious process of copying and pasting article highlights into a document. This tool not only simplifies the task but also encourages more frequent and efficient information collection, thanks to its seamless integration with webhooks and platforms like Zapier or Make.

Step 1: Begin by installing the Chrome plugin. This essential first step opens the door to effortless automation. Once installed, navigate to the plugin’s options to integrate it with your workflow. Here, you will input your webhook URL, which acts as a bridge to connect the plugin with your chosen automation platform, such as Zapier or Make.

Step 2: Configure your automation workflow. With your webhook in place, it’s time to tailor the automation to your needs. Using a platform like, set up an automation that captures the text, title, and URL of your selected highlights. You can then design this workflow to parse the JSON data and organize it into sections, making it ready for its final destination, be it a Google Doc, a sheet, or even a Slack channel.

Step 3: Test your setup in real-time. Now that everything is configured, put your new tool to the test. Find an article that interests you—perhaps from a favorite resource like ‘This Day in AI‘. Highlight a section of text that you find valuable, right-click, and select the “Post Selected” option. This action triggers your automation, sending the highlighted text, along with its title and URL, directly to your chosen destination. Watch as your document or sheet is instantly populated with the information, making your research process more efficient than ever.

Step 4: Enjoy the benefits of automated note-taking. As you continue to use this powerful tool, you’ll build a valuable document filled with curated highlights from various articles. This not only makes referencing easier but also enriches your research with a diverse range of insights and information. The ease and simplicity of this process encourage consistent use, ensuring that over time, you’ll have a comprehensive and organized collection of notes at your fingertips.

Kyle Behrend